Warehouse by Design is a Colorado based company founded in 2004 offering commercial furniture installation, reconfiguration, moving, project management and warehousing services across the United States. We have been in the commercial furniture installation industry for over 10 years in Colorado and across the US. Our employees are dedicated to giving you the result you want and deserve, and bring a level of service that upholds the highest standards and the utmost professionalism.


  • Complete FF&E Project Management, Move Management, Reconfiguration and Installation
  • Reconfiguration Design and Installation
  • Tablet, smart phone and cloud computing infrastructure used for design and project management documents allowing for real time updates and communication
  • Microsoft 365 Enabled workforce connecting each PM, project and client in real time




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Imagine each of your projects being managed from front to back with one thing on our mind, “Leave a positive impression on each and every person we serve.”  Our approach is to give you the service that you and your employees deserve at a price that you already pay.  We are eager to show you what true value embodies.

Warehouse by Design has an internal process unlike any other installation company in the state of Colorado. We work to identify, teach and grow installers and project mangers within our company and identify key personnel from the industry to help grow our brand and our reputation. In 2011, we developed a 9-tier structure to our installation/project management staff. New employees are given a comprehensive review and graded on experience, knowledge, leadership and communication skills to be placed in our system. Each year, every WBD employee is given two performance reviews (one in the summer and one promotion eligible review in the winter). This not only keeps a knowledgeable and motivated staff, but also creates a career and goal oriented atmosphere within the company. Our retention rate is incredibly high for the industry and we have recently been able to recruit some of the more talented furniture installers in the industry.

Our team is in front of your customer and leaves an important impression about what your organization represents and the quality standards that you employ.  Our team knows that the impression that we leave is critical and a point of pride for each and every member of our team.  We utilize a uniform color process to incent our employees and inform our clients.  Overall, our employees move up in class of installer based on criteria set by our board to include, but not limited to, system certifications, positive client reviews, and company commitment.  You can be assured that on your projects, our personnel will not only get the job done based on a higher standard, but will visually be represented in a very professional manner.  More specific information regarding our specific company structure is outlined below with a brief summary of the basic expectation for each installer/project manager.

Grey Shirt Roles and Responsibilities:

Grey Shirt installers are considered installers in training.  These are anywhere from day 1 employees to installer protégés with 4-10 years of experience. Everyone starts somewhere in this industry and these installers serve a very important role while constantly receiving hands on training to become furniture install experts themselves.  Primary roles for Grey Shirt installers include worksite organization, cleanliness and safety.  These installers are also critical to distribution and organization of product for installation preparation.  Each grey shirt is to work hand in hand with an orange shirt installer once installation/ decommission begins as to assist, train and learn the processes.

Orange Shirt Roles and Responsibilities:

Orange Shirt installers represent our experienced installers and Project Managers in training. These installers have been trained and have experienced our culture for at least 1 year.  They have between 4 and 15 years of experience either inside our organization or from outside our team.  The one thing this group has in common is that they are well versed and experienced in the installation world. These installers are the core of our business.  These worker bees of our organization take all of the intimate planning and detailed preparation and implement it for our customers.  These members of the team take great pride in executing projects swiftly and efficiently.  They’ve either been in our organization for a minimum of 4 years as an understudy or have served the furniture industry outside of WBD for at least 7 years and shown a competency in our service levels and expectations

Black Shirt Roles and Responsibilities:

Our Black Shirt installers are also considered our Project Managers/Supervisors.  These employees range from 5-25 years of experience and have passed all standards set by our organization to lead and implement projects.  Our PM’s are given quite the expectation load.  PMs begin their process at the task order request with intimately discussing and preparing man-hour estimates for our bidding team.  They are also responsible for attending and contributing to pre-project meetings and conference calls.  Once the project begins, they are responsible for the overall management of the project from assembling the team to safety meetings and setting daily and weekly targets and goals for the team.  On a daily basis our PM’s serve as the communication path between the jobsite and our customer.  Their daily communication is a key component of their job.  Once the project ends, their role transitions to punch and follow-up requirements on a per job basis.

In addition to the 9-Tier structure of our installation staff, Warehouse by Design assigns a project Executive to each and every project/client that we have.  These project executives are either Company Owners or members of the senior sales staff.  While their main role and focus for the business are more behind the scenes and less on the front lines, we find it imperative that these individuals remain involved with our clients and our staff.  This keeps our staff engaged and connected form the very top all the way to the greenest member of the team.  What that ensures is that each and every client receives the very best that WBD can offer.  Our leadership never loses perspective and can always speak to individual situations with regard to a client or project.

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