Storage Services

Corporate Office Furniture Storage

We own and operate a large warehouse in Denver, CO, that can store your office furniture and keep it safe for the duration of your move or remodel. We realize you may need to store furniture for months at a time, so our facility is climate controlled to keep dust, dirt, and moisture at bay. Along with our strict security measures, this ensures your furniture leaves our corporate office furniture storage facility in the same condition it arrived in. Additionally, all furniture we receive gets cataloged, so we have an accurate inventory of everything you’ve trusted us to store and keep safe. This ensures Businesses rely on our corporate office furniture storage facility for more than just remodels and relocations. Some have extra furniture that they currently don’t have a use for but still want to have accessible and kept safe for the future if they’re anticipating expansion. If you have extra pieces, don’t let them clutter up your office and be exposed to dirt, dust, and moisture! Others want to store extra stock so they can have access to what they need when they need it.

Planning on remodeling your office or relocating to new office space? Let us help make the transition a little easier! Contact us today to learn more about how our corporate office furniture storage facility can help you through these times.

"The installers...are courteous, punctual and focus on quality control from start to finish."

~ Sarah Murphy, Space Planner